ABSTRACTING EMOTIONS #3 is the third in my “Abstracting Emotions” Series which uses two different types of my handmade paper. The printing, a hand inked and hand pulled monotype, was done on paper made from scrap watercolor, BFK, and business correspondence paper which are shredded, boiled together, sheeted and Plexiglas dried to create a white/off white relatively monochromatic and smooth printing paper. The print was then mounted on a different sheet of my handmade paper which was made from corn husks, and pineapple leaves, together with abaca in order to create a patterned and textured counterpoint to the print.(16” x 16”) (2019) ($250.00)



Midnight Blues


MIDNIGHT BLUES is intended to be an ambiguous and amorphous; bringing different feelings to different people. To some it will evoke an exotic night sky; to others an end of day sadness, or the muted wail of a saxophone, while others will experience something else entirely or perhaps nothing at all. MIDNIGHT BLUES is a viewer’s narrative piece. A hand inked and hand pulled monotype it is matted and framed to 22” x 28”.



ABSTRACTED EMOTIONS #1 is a hand inked and hand pulled monotype printed on paper I made using scrap watercolor and business paper which is in turn mounted on another sheet of paper I made using banana peel and abaca. ABSTRACTED EMOTIONS #1 is the first in a series which will try to match abstract prints with handmade papers from materials such as banana peels, corn husks, asparagus stalks, kale stems, pineapple leaves and cantaloupe rinds each of which produces a paper with a unique texture and color.  I am finding that the more I become involved in creating art, the more I become interested in using found, salvaged, and recycled objects and materials as part of it, whether it be ceramics, paper making, print making or collage.



WINTER GRASS is set at twilight in late December. The sky is clouded and a strong wind is blowing from the North. Snow is in the air. The conditions are harsh and the scene is bleak, yet the grass is resilient, bending but not breaking in the wind, enduring and waiting for the coming of spring. A hand inked and hand pulled monotype printed on watercolor paper, it is matted and framed to 16” x 20”.


Crop Circles


CROP CIRCLES takes the RUST BELT technique a step further. In CROP CIRCLES, a hard plate is inked fairly heavily and while it is still wet thin pieces of layered and unsealed cardboard are applied as a resist. Additional ink is applied and the plate is allowed to dry. Because some of the ink is absorbed into the cardboard, the cardboard layers separate during printing creating a collage or chin colle effect. Matted and framed to 14” x 11”.