Great Grandad Was a T-Rex

Great Grand Dad Was A T-RexThe evolutionary line between a T-Rex and a chameleon may be direct, but it’s not directly straight!  This ink drawing is on display through tomorrow at my show at the Abington Arts Center. If you have not yet had a chance to come out and see the display, now is your last chance to see this show!

The Whimsical One-Liners are a series of original one-of-a-kind ink drawings. They are not prints,photographs, or digital images. Each One-Liner has two elements: verbal and visual. The verbal element is the classic description of a one-liner: a quip, a bon mot, a pun, or an observation, while the visual element is that the drawing is literally a one-liner – a single line that never crosses itself. It is the combination of the two elements that make them Whimsical One-Liners.

After tomorrow, all remaining works will still be available for sale.  Keep an eye out for the launch of my Etsy store soon!

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