MARIUPOL, the third paper collage in my “Commentary on Ukraine ” series was completed before the Russians finally destroyed the city and overran the outnumbered and outgunned defenders. It is intended as a tribute to the courage and tenacity of those defenders and perhaps as a suggestion that there may be modern day Alamos that need to be remembered. (2022) ($125)


Siloviki is the name given to the inner circle of advisers to Vladimir Putin all of whom have military or security service backgrounds and long-term relationships with Putin. My SILOVIKI is a paper collage of faceless men and FSP (financial security papers) torsos. While each one is different there is an overwhelming homogeneity to the group. SILOVKI, along with INVASION, MARIUPOL, and BUCHA is part of my “Commentary on Ukraine” series of collages. (2022) ( $125).


When I create a paper collage, about 33% of the time I have a very distinct idea of what I want to say and how I am going to say it, as for example INVASION or DECEMBER MORNING FOG#3. Another 33% of the time, I know roughly what I want to say, i.e., I have a concept and materials, but the actual presentation evolves as I work on it, for example PORZECZKA. And for another 33%, the piece names itself when I finish it, for example AN ORANGE CLOCKWORK. The math majors among you will note that still leaves 1%, and that is the category into which YOU TELL ME falls. I have shown it to several different people and gotten wildly different interpretations and impressions of it. I see something new in it every time I look at it, but so far it has refused to speak to me. (2022) ($125)


A VIEW OF A THIRD FLOOR WINDOW is technically part of my “Views From A Third Floor Window” series, but in this case the view doesn’t extend much past the window itself. This photograph was taken on the morning of March 9th, 2022. The day started out with a few raindrops hitting our east facing windows but quickly changed to a full blown “wintery mix” with high winds coming straight out of the south. A VIEW OF A THIRD FLOOR WINDOW was taken about 45 minutes after I first noticed the raindrops. Again, the image is, “as taken” on my cell phone with no filters, alterations, or enhancements. (590) ( 2022)


This year is the 60th anniversary of the publication of “A Clockwork Orange”, Anthony Burgess’ novel of a dystopian future society with violent subcultures. While it is considered a classic, as is the 1971 movie based on it and with the same name, I must admit that neither ever really resonated with me. However, when I was doing the preliminary layout for the “Negative to Positive” paper collage that became AN ORANGE CLOCKWORK, I was struck by the jaggedness of the orange pieces and by the shape of the blue pieces which reminded me of clock hands and “A Clockwork Orange “came to mind. We think of “clockwork” as something that is orderly, precise, and smoothly running. AN ORANGE CLOCKWORK is sharp edged and dysfunctional. Perhaps I am starting to understand Anthony Burgess, or perhaps just our current society. (2022) ($125)


WOMAN IN BLUE is essentially a found object, a stunningly beautiful piece of stained glass that changes appearance as the light changes. It was donated to the Ann’s Choice Stained Glass Club because while beautiful it is also a very difficult piece of glass to work with. I picked it up, managed to trim most of the problems and decided to let the piece essentially speak for itself rather than pressing my luck. This is a piece in which everyone will see something different, but I have titled it WOMAN IN BLUE because I see a woman in left profile turning her head to the right, or at least that is what I see most of the time, and of course, blue is the predominate color. For this reason, I have chosen to emphasize the neckline on the right side by using a clear glass and a heavy solder line rather than trying to match the glass. I have enclosed it in a natural color pine hanging frame. (2022) (28 ½” x 15 ½”) ($350)


In October of 2018 I posted ARMED TEACHERS – WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG? as a response to the Parkland shootings and Donald Trump’s and the NRA’s suggested solution being to arm the teachers and “harden” the schools. Well, in May of 2022, after 19 4th grade students and 2 teachers were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, I watched Texas public officials Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick offer their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families and once again propose arming the teachers and “hardening” the schools as the solution to mass shootings therein. Obviously, things haven’t changed in 3 ½ years, so rather than trying to express my frustration and rage in a new way, I just decided to re-post ARMED TEACHERS-WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


PORZECZKA is part of my “Negative to Positive” Series of paper collages, and no, the title is not the result of my computer’s spell check having run amok but the Polish word for currants and the name of my wife’s favorite breakfast tea. Like PAIN MANAGEMENT, SNOW MOON, ANACHRONISM, and the other pieces in the “Negative to Positive” Series PORZECZKA is made from a single source of packaging or advertising material, in this case tea boxes. The design, with the small circles, is intended to invoke “currants” and with the flowing pattern to do a play on the word “currents. (2022)


CONTRAILS is part of my “Views From a Third Floor Window “series. It was shot at around 5:30 pm on Saturday, February 27th, 2022, using my cell phone camera and looking toward the west. Given the winds and time of day, the composition and palette are more a matter of looking up at the right time, reacting to the scene and having a camera at hand than they are to any conscious planning or composition on my part. Within seconds of CONTRAILS having been taken the contrails had almost completely dissipated. I was particularly struck by how the contrails created a geometric structure to the scene, and how one seemed to pierce another. (2022)