Behold a Pale Horse


Usually I have at least a rough idea of what a piece will look like and be called before I start it. However, when I’m working with abstract multiple tile pieces, particularly raku fired ones, the finished piece is more likely to dictate both the form and the title. I started Behold a Pale Horse by firing 70  2″ x 2″ tiles using a combination of underglazes, glazes and a spattering of raku glazes, and then arranging  the fired tiles into various configurations until i got one that “spoke ” to me. Behold a Pale Horse is called what it is because the image I see is that of a pale horse. My image may not be as sharply defined as in Revelations 6:8, but to me it is there. 63 tiles, 13″ x 16 1/2″.


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