The STONEHENGE DECONSTRUCTED Series draws from a number of sources: my interest in prehistoric cultures, my own series CRUCIBLES, CAULDRONS and CALDERAS, the work of Alysse Einbender, a marvelous ceramist, and the metal sculptures of Robert Engman, among others. That so much is still unknown, i.e., theoretical, about Stonehenge and the people who built it gives both a difficulty and a wide latitude to doing a deconstructive piece about it. STONEHENGE DECONSTRUCTED: THEORY #1 – WINTER SOLSTICE, the first in the Series, ignores the difficulty and takes full advantage of the latitude. In this piece, the ground is cold, white and hard, but the movement and coloring of the shapes express the joy of the celebration. l Hand built and raku fired paper clay. 7”W/D x 6 ½”.

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