Tree of Life


THE TREE OF LIFE – 2020, a paper collage, is the first piece I have started and completed entirely at Ann’s Choice since moving there on July 2, 2020. I started it on July 6th while watching both a severe thunderstorm and a discussion of the rising death toll in the United States from the COVID 19 virus. THE TREE OF LIFE – 2020 is made entirely from the materials on hand at the time, mainly the packaging from a couple of bottles of a topical pain cream I used to get through the move and a box of Fiber One cereal that was breakfast. THE TREE OF LIFE – 2020 is not an autumn piece, it is a reflection on the more than 130,000 lives lost to date with the falling leaves. representing those prematurely lost lives while the tree itself has taken on a skeletal form. (768) (2020) ( 17” x 9 ½” ) ($125)


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