Mardi Gras – 2006

MARDI GRAS – 2006 is one of the very first collographic prints I ever made. I came across it, and my notes about it, while cleaning out my old studio as we get ready to put the house and studio on the market. According to my notes, MARDI GRAS – 2006 is a reflection on the damage done to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina with the Mardi Gras figures shown as being under water and in black and white rather than the usual bright jewel tones. MARDI GRAS – 2006  was created using etching ink instead of the water based inks I have been using lately, but as I looked at it, I was struck by how little and how much both my work and the world have changed in 14 years. (2006) (16” x 12”) ($125) 

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