YOU ARE HERE is both a “conceptual” and a “process” piece. It is a conceptual piece in that it is neither representational nor abstract, nor is it a statement or commentary. It is more of a Rorschach test than anything. Do you get a sense of adventure and excitement, of  almost endless possibilities, whichever way you go will lead somewhere; or do you have a sense of indecision, there is no way to make the right choice? It is a process piece in that I had a single, 22” x 28” sheet of white poster board and wanted to see if I could make anything two dimensional out of it. (16” x 20”) (2021)

One thought on “YOU ARE HERE

  1. Hi Jack,

    You are going to like this or you’re going to hate this, I’m not sure. I saw that you had a new posting and opened it up on my cell phone. Before I could look at anything I took my right index finger to move the little red dot off my screen. I am still laughing. Yes things like that can mean many things and are open to interpretation, I will ponder this some more. I thought you would like to know my adventure with your artwork.

    All my best,


    Scott Wasserkrug cell 215-262-3916



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