Looking Ahead: December Morning Fog

I have now been at Ann’s Choice for a little over 18 months and am starting to get a more focused picture (pun intended) of what I am going to be doing to scratch my artistic itch. While I expect not to be making any new handmade paper, and doing much less, if any ceramics and printmaking (the facilities and location don’t really lend themselves to these mediums – at least as I do them), I am expecting to go back to a couple of mediums, stained glass and woodworking, that I haven’t worked with in years; to expand my collage work, and to explore a couple of new mediums, digital photography as an art form and origami using my existing supply of handmade paper.

The piece shown here, DECEMBER MORNING FOG, is part of a series of digital photographs taken, in this case with my cell phone, from my apartment window and titled “Views From A Third Floor Window”. The color is natural: no filters were used and the only editing was some cropping and sizing for internet transmission.

The next two pieces will be two different collage impressions inspired by DECEMBER MORNING FOG.