Moses Warms His Hands


Moses Warms His Hands, a mixed media sculpture, is the third piece of the WHOLLY MOSES! set. Consisting of hand-built, raku-fired ceramics and a polychromatic deadwood pruning.  It was inspired by Exodus 3:3, the time in the narrative when Moses is investigating the burning bush but before the Lord has spoken to him.


The Last Druid


The inspiration for The Last Druid was the 1774 painting The Bard by Thomas Jones, which is in Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum of Wales) but which I was fortunate to see while it was on exhibition at the Frick Art and Historical Center in Pittsburgh. The Welsh believed the Bards to be descendants of the Celtic druids. As in The Bard, I have posed a solitary figure at the edge of a jagged cliff. My depiction in The Last Druid is cloaked in a mantle of greenery, tying him to his natural world. Hand built unglazed ceramic, set on gneiss. No adhesive is used.

10” x 6” x 10”