I’ve been thinking for awhile about using hand made paper in my print making and collage work, and while I have made paper before, I hadn’t for several years. So I just finished taking a 3 hour workshop entitled “Plant Fibers for Paper Making” from Winnie Radolan at the Abington Art Center, which proved to be  a very good introductory and/or review workshop. The pieces shown above, using Ginko leaves and milkweed are a couple of my workshop pieces. I’m going to continue working with using fibers such as day lilies, daffodils, hosta, corn husks, et al, and incorporating those papers in my print making and collage work.

Bagdad Nights


Baghdad Nights is a hand loom weaving that I started almost a decade ago but put aside because I couldn’t figure out how to finish or display it. The concept was there but I couldn’t find what pulled it together. This winter, when I rediscovered the unfinished piece, I connected with the sadness of how the situation in the Middle East has changed so little from when I first started.  It seemed appropriate to me to finish it as a wall hanging, suspended on a surplus scrap of steel rebar. Acrylic and cotton yarn, steel rebar, fishing line. 25” x 31 ½”. $300.00