Laminations of A Chocaholic

Laminations of a Chocoholic

“Laminations of A Chocaholic“ is my attempt to answer the age old question: “OK, now that I’ve eaten the chocolate, what do I do with the wrappers?”  “Laminations” references the design elements of the piece and word plays on the lamentations over the absence of chocolate.

“Laminations of a Chocaholic” has just been accepted by jurors Amanda Jiron Murphy, Director of the Hamiltonian Gallery of Washington, DC and Jessica Beck, Assistant Curator of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh for the Allegheny Arts Council’s Will’s Creek Exhibition “One Cubed which opens September 12 at the Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland, Maryland.  Check this post for more information.



OPPROBRIUM is a piece of Raku fired sculpture that named itself. The narrow twisted features of the face, the coloring and the expression of haughty reproach, disapproval and disdain are the essence of opprobrium. OPPROBRIUM will be on view from July 7, 2015 until August 29, 2015 at the JAM Gallery, 321 East King Street, Malvern, PA as part of their 2nd Annual Juried Show.

From the Well of Souls

From the Well of Souls

In reality the Well of Souls actually exists. It is a cave inside the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. But perhaps most significantly, in legend, it is the place where the souls of the dead can be heard as they await the final Judgement Day. FROM THE WELL OF SOULS, an 8’x6’x4′ Raku fired ceramic sculptural piece attempts to capture the feeling of apprehension that must accompany not knowing what the judgement will be, or even when.