I am pleased to announce that my monotype  STAGE FOUR/ METASTATIC will be on view from February 28, 2020 until April 11, 2020 at the Abington Art Center as part of the American Color Print Society’s Members Spring Exhibition. There will be an opening reception from 2 until 4 on Saturday, February 29th at the Abington Art Center, 515 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046

About 3 ½ years ago I was diagnosed with Stage Four, or metastatic prostate cancer. While there is no cure or any prospect of one, there are medications (side effects included) which may slow the progression of the cancer for a while. I would like to believe that, on a personal level, I have done, and am doing, everything possible to deal with it in a thoughtful, rational manner: a will has been drawn, powers of attorney executed and a place in a continuing care retirement home secured, and that I am making the best use of my time. Until STAGE FOUR/ METASTATIC, however, I had not addressed it as an artist. STAGE FOUR/ METASTATIC is a hard plate monotype which, with its red-orange/black palette is probably a more accurate emotional representation than a medical or scientific one. Since I have no idea what a lesion actually looks like, nor any particular desire to learn, I am going to rely on emotion, abstraction, and artistic license. Matted and Framed to 14” x 24”.

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