Abstracting Emotions in MRAC

I am pleased to announce that juror Joseph Borrelli has selected my hand inked and hand pulled monotypes ABSTRACTING EMOTIONS#3 and ABSTRACTING EMOTIONS #5 to be part of the Manayunk/Roxborough Art Center’s Annual Juried Show. Both of these pieces are printed on handmade paper I made using scrap watercolor, printing, and business papers together with abaca pulp.  They were then mounted on different sheets of handmade paper I made using abaca, cotton linter, and salvaged natural fibers such as asparagus stalks, corn husks, and old blue jeans. The Show will run from Sunday, July 21, 2019 through Sunday Series , July 28, 2019 at MRAC’s gallery located at 419 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19128. There will be an opening reception from noon until 3pm on the 21st.



With all due respect to John Milton, the inspiration for PARADISE LOST was not his iconic 1667 poem but rather the devastating 2018 Camp Fire which destroyed the town of Paradise, California. While the ending may be the same in both cases, and both were caused by human actions, there are differences. PARADISE LOST is a hand inked and hand pulled monotype and is intended to be a companion to my 2017 print WILDFIRE.  $275.00



WINTER GRASS is set at twilight in late December. The sky is clouded and a strong wind is blowing from the North. Snow is in the air. The conditions are harsh and the scene is bleak, yet the grass is resilient, bending but not breaking in the wind, enduring and waiting for the coming of spring. A hand inked and hand pulled monotype printed on watercolor paper, it is matted and framed to 16” x 20”.


Crop Circles


CROP CIRCLES takes the RUST BELT technique a step further. In CROP CIRCLES, a hard plate is inked fairly heavily and while it is still wet thin pieces of layered and unsealed cardboard are applied as a resist. Additional ink is applied and the plate is allowed to dry. Because some of the ink is absorbed into the cardboard, the cardboard layers separate during printing creating a collage or chin colle effect. Matted and framed to 14” x 11”.