It is sometimes surprising how you and your work can be overtaken by events. When I was printing the background and assembling the collage pieces for KIRKLAND the corona virus problem was just starting to be a story and I had no idea that Kirkland, WA would be one of the epicenters. The title for KIRKLAND actually comes from the fact that “Kirkland” is the house brand name used by Costco and the collage pieces are repurposed from a Costco tissue box. What was initially an exercise in combining a hand inked, hand pulled print and found object/recycled materials ended up with more relevance than I could have imagined. (622) (2020) (16” x 20”)

2 thoughts on “Kirkland

  1. Hi Liz,
    Thank you. I have to admit, I was almost stunned at how quickly the word “Kirkland” changed meaning but was glad I had started the piece. A couple of people have told me they recognized (and owned) that particular version of the tissue box. Stay well.


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