SELF-PORTRAIT #6 is a wall sculpture consisting of 20 hand sculpted and hand glazed paper clay tiles which were then fired to cone 04 and mounted on an MDF backer using Thinset. Like all of the other pieces in the IRIAAM (It Really Is All About Me) Series – with the exception of the photographs – there are large measures of both artistic license and artistic ineptitude involved in SELF-PORTRAIT #6. It does illustrate why I don’t consider myself to be a painter and thus may be , by some measure, considered to be an accurate, if not particularly flattering self-portrait. I could have subtitled it PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A PAINTER. It was, however, fun to make. ($669) (2020) (15 ½” x 19″)



MOTHERBOARD is a mixed media, found object, wall sculpture which incorporates the motherboard from a refrigerator, ceramic tiles left over from two backsplash projects, and three press molded and distorted images made from handmade and raku fired paper clay. An exercise in anthropomorphism, it is intended to put a face on and give personality to something that has neither. (2020) (19” x 8” x 1 ½”) (($195)

MOTHERBOARD and EVOLUTION in Manayunk Roxsborough Art Center’s 64th Annual Members’ Exhibition

I am pleased to announce that two of my wall sculptures: MOTHERBOARD and INCUBATION will be part of the Manayunk Roxsborough Art Center’s 64th Annual Members’ Exhibition. They may be seen at the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center, 419 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19128 from March 3, 2020 through March 30, 2020 and then at the Roxborough Development Corporation, 6128 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19128 until April 27, 2020.