Hawk Feather

A lot of my work involves using found objects and recycled and repurposed materials. FEATHER is just such a piece using a molted feather from a broad tailed hawk and a sheet of handmade paper using asparagus and kale stems, corn husks, pineapple, day lily, and daffodil leaves, grass clippings and abaca. I have a large variety of handmade papers, and went through them all, but this combination really seemed to work best. FEATHER is a one of a kind piece because while I do have a couple more sheets of this particular paper, I found only the one feather. To the best of my knowledge, no hawk was harmed in the making of FEATHER.

Living HIGH

LIVING HIGH, part of my “Views From a Third Floor Window”, has nothing to do with beverages or substances. Instead it references the feeling of knowing that when you live on the third floor of a retirement community, no matter how much it snows-you don’t have to shovel it. LIVING HIGH was shot with my cell phone camera early one morning just before breakfast and with the coffee already poured. The image, except for some minor cropping, is exactly as I took it with no filters, alterations or manipulations.

Urban Center

URBAN CENTER started out to be part of my “From Negative to Positive” Series of paper collages, but after I made the first preliminary cuts I realized that the inside of the packaging material I was using presented as many opportunities as the outside and gave me the chance to work white on black. URBAN CENTER more or less titled itself while I was doing the initial lay-out, and I only had to make a couple of reinforcing changes.