DEJECTION, like all the three dimensional pieces in the “Cognitive Emotions” Series relies on the primary contour of the piece to evoke a particular emotion  and the glaze pattern and color to explore the role of cognition in that emotion. In DEJECTION the figure is erect but the head has a downcast aspect and a subdued and somber color. Hand built and raku fired using artist made paper clay. 15” x 12” x 11” on an MDF base.




RAGE, a hand inked and hand pulled dark field monotype, is a two dimensional piece in the “Cognitive Emotions” Series. The two dimensional pieces in the “Cognitive Emotions” Series use color to evoke the particular emotion and the internal lines to show the cognitive element of the emotion. Matted and framed to 20” x 16”.




REVULSION is one of the strongest pure emotional pieces in the “Cognitive Emotions” Series containing the least cognitive involvement. The figure is twisted, turning away and pulling back from what is in front of it – an instinctive and unthinking reaction. The color is strong and consistent throughout the piece showing the depth of the emotion. Hand built and raku fired using artist made paper clay. 10 3/8” x 8” x 7” on an MDF base.



Until recently, cognition and emotion were thought to be separate elements.  Now, new research indicate a strong relation with cognition affecting emotion. HESITATION is part of my “Cognitive Emotions” series, in which the primary contour of a piece is intended to suggest or evoke a human emotion such as surprise, elation, or skepticism and the glaze to create a secondary contour showing the interplay between cognition and emotion.  HESITATION is hand-built and raku-fired using a smooth variation of my own artist-made paper clay and a high-gloss/high-reduction raku glaze, set on a MDF base.  15″ x 9″ x 9″.