ABSTRACTING EMOTIONS #3 is the third in my “Abstracting Emotions” Series which uses two different types of my handmade paper. The printing, a hand inked and hand pulled monotype, was done on paper made from scrap watercolor, BFK, and business correspondence paper which are shredded, boiled together, sheeted and Plexiglas dried to create a white/off white relatively monochromatic and smooth printing paper. The print was then mounted on a different sheet of my handmade paper which was made from corn husks, and pineapple leaves, together with abaca in order to create a patterned and textured counterpoint to the print.(16” x 16”) (2019) ($250.00)





One of the more intriguing developments in contemporary religion is the rapid, almost explosive, rise of the Santa Muerte (literally – Saint Death) cult in Mexico which bizarrely incorporates elements of Christianity, particularly Catholicism, with certain aspects of the Aztec belief system. Given that it is hard to think about Mexico these days without considering “The Wall” and given that virtually every activity has its patron saint, it just seemed appropriate to create SANTA MUERTE: PATRON SAINT OF WALL BUILDERS. Hand built paper clay, underglazed and glazed. 9” x 7” x 7”.



I’ve been thinking for awhile about using hand made paper in my print making and collage work, and while I have made paper before, I hadn’t for several years. So I just finished taking a 3 hour workshop entitled “Plant Fibers for Paper Making” from Winnie Radolan at the Abington Art Center, which proved to be  a very good introductory and/or review workshop. The pieces shown above, using Ginko leaves and milkweed are a couple of my workshop pieces. I’m going to continue working with using fibers such as day lilies, daffodils, hosta, corn husks, et al, and incorporating those papers in my print making and collage work.

Cauldron #1


Cauldron # 1 is part of my series “Crucibles, Cauldrons and Calderas” which explores firing stained glass and paper clay together in sculptural forms using a red/yellow/orange/black and metallic palette. Composed of paper clay, stained glass, underglazes, and low fire and cone 6 glazes fired to over 2000 degrees. 6 1/4″ x 7″ x 6″



Dreamscape #1


Dreamscape # 1, a hand inked and hand pulled print combines collographic and monotype techniques into a single monoprint. It seeks to create the impression that the figure is emerging from the background and heighten the visual tension of the piece. Water-based ink on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. Matted and framed to 20″  x 16″




Honorable Mention!

Fansmith - Migrations #5

It is my pleasure to announce that my piece “Migrations #5” was awarded an honorable mention by juror Marla Brenner in River Arts, Inc’s 2nd Biennial Wings and Water exhibit in Prairie du Sac, WI.  I am proud to receive one of only five awards given at this show.  Thank you, River Arts!